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photo of monument website

Monument Pixel Data Tracking Investigation

The Lyon Firm is actively involved in data privacy and data theft cases and is currently investigating Monument Pixel data tracking on behalf of victims and plaintiffs in California and nationwide.

According to recent notice sent to consumers, Monument, as well as Tempest, Live Life Now Health Group, and Purdy Medical Corp have been sending patient information to third parties through a data tracking tool called “pixels,” raising several privacy violation concerns.

Hundreds of health entities in the U.S., including Tempest, Live Life Now Health Group, and Purdy Medical Corp have allegedly added third-party tracking code to its websites “to improve access to information about critical patient care services and manage key functionalities of our patient-facing websites.”

The unauthorized tracking of patient data could be a privacy violation. By tracking user activity, the code also transmits data without patient consent, which potentially violates data privacy law.

The types of Monument patient information transmitted to third parties depends on patients’ interactions on the website, their use of forms, and the data entered when scheduling appointments, including:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Date of birth
  • Email address
  • Photograph
  • Insurance member ID
  • Health information