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Northwell Health Data Breach Investigation | Perry Johnson

The Lyon Firm is investigating the Perry Johnson data breach that has impacted a number of the company’s clients, including Northwell Health. Millions of former and current patients could potentially be impacted by the data security incident. Contact our legal team for a free data privacy consultation.

A data security event has been reported at Northwell Health, a New York-based healthcare provider. The breach stems from a data theft incident at Perry Johnson & Associates, a third-party service provider that offers medical transcription services to Northwell and other hospitals around the nation.

The Northwell Health data breach was estimated to have impacted over 3 million people but an investigation is still underway and exact details about the breach are yet to be confirmed. According to a statement on the Northwell Health website, Perry Johnson claims that patient data was accessed between April 7 and April 19, and Northwell was discovered on May 2.

Why did Perry Johnson and Northwell take so long to notify those impacted individuals about the breach? We don’t know the answer, but our attorneys are willing to ask some difficult questions when millions of victims are battling identity theft and fraud.

What Data was Compromised in the Northwell Health Data Breach?

The data leaked from the Northwell Health breach may include the following: names, dates of birth, addresses, and medical health records of the patients.

Healthcare providers face a daily assault from cybercriminals who have likened some hospital data to low hanging fruit. Many healthcare providers have not invested properly in IT security, even when they know the risks. Thus, cyberattacks continue to occur and millions of Americans have their personal data compromised. When communication is delayed, the problem is compounded as the impacted individuals don’t have time to protect themselves following security incidents. Experts have recommended bolstering existing security systems, remaining vigilant of fraud as a consumer, and limiting the collection and storage of sensitive personal data.

Our data breach lawyers are currently involved with numerous data theft cases around the country. We represent victims and plaintiffs in all fifty states, and aim to provide compensation and justice. If companies still insist on collecting and storing our personal information, they have a duty to protect it to the best of their ability. Should they fail, due to security negligence, you may have a viable class action claim.