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OrthoAlaska Data Breach Investigation

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The Lyon Firm is currently investigating data theft events nationwide, including a reported security breach at OrthoAlaska LLC. Our legal team is involved in numerous data privacy cases, and offers free consultations to data breach victims and plaintiffs.

What Happened?

OrthoAlaska has reported a data breach incident to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Office for Civil Rights (HHS), indicating that as many as 176,203 individuals may have had their personal data compromised in an apparent hacking incident.

Most details of the incident are currently unknown, but the company should be sending data breach notification letters to victims, alerting them of the specific personal information that may have been leaked. In similar cyberattacks, a great deal of personal data was stolen, including names, contact information, passport numbers, medical information, health insurance info, and Social Security numbers.

OrthoAlaska employs around 250 employees with offices in Anchorage, Eagle River, and Wasilla. Healthcare entities are the biggest target for hackers these days, as many organizations in the industry lack proper data security on their networks. Hackers have called hospitals and health clinics “low hanging fruit,” and the information stolen from these entities can be quite valuable.

Can I File a Data Breach Complaint?

If you have received notice that your personal identifiable information was compromised in the OrthoAlaska data breach, contact a lawyer to investigate your claim. You may be eligible to file a class action complaint or join an existing class of plaintiffs.

It is critical that you move to protect yourself following any data privacy incident that puts you at risk of fraud and medical identity theft. Our legal team can assist you in taking the next steps to protect your privacy and seek compensation for any incurred damages.

We believe any healthcare entity that collects and stores your personal data has a legal and ethical duty to protect it to the best of their ability. Should a data theft event result in personal losses, legal action may be necessary to hold those responsible accountable.

Filing Class Action Data Breach Lawsuits can help victims find closure and can compensate plaintiffs after a negligent company fails to properly protect sensitive information. Contact The Lyon Firm to learn more about the OrthoAlaska data breach and speak to an experienced data privacy attorney.