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Pacific Life Insurance Data Breach Investigation | MOVEit

Class Action Data Privacy Attorneys at The Lyon Firm are investigating data breach claims related to the May 2023 MOVEit ransomware attack that allegedly impacted Pacific Life Insurance clientele. If you have been notified of a data security incident impacting your personal information, contact our legal team to review your case and to discuss your next steps. 

What Happened at Pacific Life?

Millions of American consumers may have been hit in the recent MOVEit data breach that targeted a large number of financial institutions and insurance companies like Pacific Life. In one of the largest ever cyberattacks, the ransomware attack hit hundreds of U.S. businesses as well as international entities. Ransomware hackers, like in the case of the MOVEit breach, demand to be paid a ransom for any data that they can acquire.

MOVEit is a file transfer program owned by Progress Software, widely used by organizations in the public and private sector, ironically to securely move sensitive personal data. The MOVEit breach took advantage of a particular vulnerability, and in the process hackers were able to steal data from multiple companies.

How did this happen? MOVEit Transfer web apps were infected by malware that was used to steal the information from databases. Taking responsibility for the attack, CL0P then sent ransom notes to executives at the various companies, demanding a ransom payment.

There has been a massive increase in the number and the severity of ransomware attacks in the last few years. Consumers have never been more vulnerable and are oftentimes at risk through no fault of their own. Companies have been accused of being negligent in the area of data security by failing to establish and maintain secure networks to protect the data they collect and store.

Our lawyers have filed numerous lawsuits on behalf of plaintiffs nationwide following the MOVEit data theft incident. We continue to investigate Pacific Life data breach claims and other data privacy cases in all fifty states. Call now to discuss your legal options.