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The Lyon Firm Files Horizon Actuarial Data Breach Class Action Lawsuit

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The Lyon Firm filed a data privacy complaint against Horizon Actuarial Services, a consulting firm that provided actuarial solutions to multi-employer benefit plans. Horizon serves more than 120 pension and health and welfare plans in various industries.

As part of its business, Horizon obtains, collects, and uses plan beneficiaries’ personal information, including names, Social Security Numbers and dates of birth. Plaintiffs say the company has a duty to keep this information confidential, safe, secure, and protected from unauthorized disclosure or access. The Lyon Firm alleges Horizon failed to uphold these duties.

More specifically, the Horizon Data Breach Class Action arises from the defendant’s failure to properly safeguard its networks, resulting in a cyberattack. The attack targeted plan members’ personal information that had been entrusted to Horizon.

The Horizon Data Breach occurred on or about November 10th and 11th of 2021 and the company waited to begin informing those individuals impacted until mid January of 2022. These individuals were unaware their information had been compromised and were at significant risk of identity theft and various other forms of personal, social, and financial harm.

The full extent and scope of the data breach, and the root cause of the security incident are within the exclusive control of the defendant and its agents, counsel, and forensic security vendors at this phase of the litigation.

The Lyon Firm investigates data privacy cases for plaintiffs nationwide and is currently involved in various data security lawsuits. If you have had your personal information stolen or compromised due to company negligence, contact The Lyon Firm for a free case review.