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Medical Device Data Theft | Health Data Privacy Lawyer

The Lyon Firm is actively involved in Health Data Misuse Class Action Lawsuits on behalf of consumers nationwide.
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Why Do You Need a Medical Device Data Privacy Lawyer?

In an era where medical devices have become indispensable tools in patient care, the realm of data privacy is more critical than ever. A medical device data privacy lawyer can help you navigate the complex legal landscape surrounding the use and misuse of your most sensitive health information.

As pacemakers, insulin pumps, and other medical devices become more advanced, they are produced with software that connects to the internet, hospital networks, and mobile devices. Thus, it is more important than ever to make sure medical devices are secure.

Modern medical devices carry security risks that many patients may not be aware of until a problem occurs.

 Like other computer systems, medical devices are vulnerable to security breaches, not only potentially impacting patient safety but other data theft risks and identity theft.

Data breach threats and medical device cybersecurity are challenging new areas of litigation. Medical device manufacturers, hospitals, and healthcare management system companies may all be liable for health data theft or mismanagement.

The Lyon Firm is currently investigating data theft and healthcare data privacy cases and reviewing identity theft claims for plaintiffs nationwide. Contact our data privacy lawyers at (513) 381-2333 if you have been notified of a breach, are experiencing identity theft, or have questions about the safety of your medical data storage.

What Kind of Settlements Come from Medical Device Data Integrity Lawsuits?

Settlements resulting from medical device data integrity lawsuits can vary widely based on the specific circumstances of the case, the severity of the data breach or integrity violation, and the extent of harm suffered by the affected parties. 

Some potential outcomes and settlements that may arise from such lawsuits include:

  • Financial compensation: Individuals in medical device data integrity lawsuits may seek monetary damages for any losses or harm incurred as a result of the data breach or integrity violation. This can include reimbursement for medical expenses, identity theft protection costs, and compensation for emotional distress.
  • Class action settlements: In cases where a large number of individuals are affected by a data breach involving a medical device, class action lawsuits may be filed. Settlements in these cases often involve compensation for the entire class of affected individuals, which can result in substantial payouts or settlements.
  • Injunctions and compliance measures: In addition to financial compensation, plaintiffs may seek injunctive relief to prevent further data breaches or integrity violations. This can include court-ordered security enhancements, data protection measures, and changes to the manufacturer’s practices.
  • Punitive damages: In cases where the defendant’s actions are deemed particularly egregious or intentional, punitive damages may be awarded to punish the wrongdoer and deter future misconduct.
  • Legal fees and costs: In some cases, successful plaintiffs may also be entitled to recover their attorney’s fees and litigation costs.

The specific terms of a settlement can vary significantly depending on the unique circumstances of each lawsuit and the negotiations between the parties involved. 

It’s important to note that medical device data integrity lawsuits can have wide-ranging implications for both individuals and manufacturers. Settlements may seek to address various aspects of data protection, compensation, and future prevention.


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Joseph Lyon has 17 years of experience representing individuals in complex litigation matters. He has represented individuals in every state against many of the largest companies in the world.

The Firm focuses on single-event civil cases and class actions involving corporate neglect & fraud, toxic exposure, product defects & recalls, medical malpractice, and invasion of privacy.


The Firm offers contingency fees, advancing all costs of the litigation, and accepting the full financial risk, allowing our clients full access to the legal system while reducing the financial stress while they focus on their healthcare and financial needs.

What Are Examples of Medical Device Data Theft?

Internet-connected devices in healthcare are part of what is known as the Internet of Medical Things (IoMT). This includes the following medical devices, their hardware infrastructures, and the software applications they use to link your healthcare data to technology banks. 

Medical device data theft involves the unauthorized access, acquisition, or disclosure of this sensitive information generated or stored by your medical devices. 

Examples of medical device data theft can include:

  • Patient health records and imaging information: Hackers or unauthorized individuals may target healthcare systems to steal electronic health records (EHRs) and patient data stored on medical devices. This information can include personal identification details, medical history, prescriptions, and treatment plans. Data theft can also occur in radiology and imaging equipment like MRI machines and CT scanners.
  • Drug infusion pumps: Drug infusion pumps used in hospitals and home healthcare settings can be compromised, leading to unauthorized access to patient medication data and treatment information.
  • Remote and home health monitoring devices: Medical devices like insulin pumps, pacemakers, blood glucose meters, or blood pressure monitors can be vulnerable to data theft if not properly secured. Hackers might gain access to data transmitted wirelessly between the device and healthcare providers, potentially compromising patients’ health information. 
  • Telemedicine platforms: Telemedicine platforms that connect patients and healthcare providers remotely can be targets for data theft. If a cybercriminal gains access to these systems, they can intercept patient data, including medical history, conversations, and video consultations.
  • Wearable fitness trackers: Fitness trackers, smartwatches, and other app-connected devices often collect health and activity data, including heart rate, sleep patterns, and exercise routines. If a cyberattack occurs on the associated mobile apps or cloud storage, this data can be accessed and misused.

Medical device data theft poses serious risks, including identity theft, fraud, and compromised patient care. To mitigate these risks, healthcare organizations, device manufacturers, and individuals must prioritize robust cybersecurity measures and data protection protocols.

Long-term consequences of identity theft can include damaged credit, ongoing financial stress, difficulty obtaining loans or mortgages, legal issues, and a lasting impact on personal and financial reputation. Victims may spend years resolving these issues and safeguarding their identity. 

To help offset the cost of these harms, plus be compensated fairly for your pain, suffering, and stress, contact The Lyon Firm at (513) 381-2333 to explore your legal options.

What Does a Health Data Privacy Lawyer Do for Your Case?

A qualified health data privacy lawyer plays a crucial role in assisting data theft victims in various ways, including:

  • Case evaluation and strategy: Your lawyer will help you understand your rights and legal options, including pursuing compensation for damages resulting from data theft.
  • Evidence gathering: Your attorney will work to collect evidence to support your case, such as documenting the breach, identifying responsible parties, and preserving records.
  • Recovery assistance, negotiation, and litigation: Lawyers can negotiate on your behalf with healthcare providers or insurers to secure a fair settlement based on your losses. This could include financial losses, legal fees, and costs associated with identity theft recovery. If a settlement cannot be reached, we may represent you in a lawsuit against the responsible parties, seeking compensation and accountability in court.
  • Reporting, notification, and compliance aid: Your lawyer can help guide you in reporting a data theft incident to relevant authorities so that other affected individuals can be notified. We can also advocate for your rights in demanding compliance with applicable data privacy laws and regulations, such as the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).
  • Privacy protection: We can help advise you on steps to protect your identity and mitigate potential harm, such as freezing credit reports and monitoring for further fraud.

Most importantly, a medical data privacy attorney helps you navigate the law, recover damages, and protect your privacy and rights in the aftermath of a data breach. This can include advising you on proactive steps to prevent future data breaches, such as improving cybersecurity and implementing data protection policies.

Our goal is to help you remedy the past, and set up protections for the future.

Contact a Health Data Privacy Lawyer

Medical devices, from implantable sensors to wearables and telemedicine platforms, generate a wealth of data crucial for diagnosis, treatment, and research. Yet, this invaluable data also poses substantial risks if not managed with the utmost care and diligence.

At The Lyon Firm, we are committed to ensuring that your medical data remains confidential, secure, and compliant with evolving privacy regulations such as HIPAA and emerging legislation specific to medical device data. Even when technology advances, your rights remain the same.

Why Hire The Lyon Firm

We have years of experience and numerous successful settlements and verdicts in the areas of data privacy, cybersecurity, and medical device compliance. We have taken on large medical establishments, national institutions, and international companies and delivered real-world, tangible results to our clients.

For data security concerns, data privacy breaches, and data theft issues related to medical devices or information, contact us at (513) 381-2333. We have the skills and experience to investigate highly complex and sensitive data matters. We can help you hold healthcare professionals, businesses, and management systems accountable.

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Reviewing Data Theft & Data Misuse Claims

Why are Data Privacy Cases important?

Without personal data privacy violation class actions, large corporate defendants would be able to cause small amounts of harm over a large group of individuals without any risk of monetary penalty. By holding companies accountable for safely storing your personal information, every consumer will have more control over how their data is used in the future. 


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Healthcare Data Privacy Lawsuit FAQs

What information is at risk in data privacy breaches?

Personal health information that is vulnerable to data privacy breaches includes:

  • Health insurance numbers
  • Diagnoses, treatments, and prescription information
  • Financial information like bank and credit card data
  • DNA data
  • Biometric data

Medical device connectivity carries data breach risks, and when hackers gain access to connected medical devices or a larger network of health data, this personal information may forever be compromised.

Who can file a medical device data privacy lawsuit?

Individuals whose medical data has been compromised, healthcare providers, and even regulatory authorities may file such lawsuits, depending on the circumstances. Your lawyer will investigate your situation to identify all of the potentially liable parties you can personally file claims against.

Are medical device manufacturers liable for data breaches?

Manufacturers can be held liable if they are found negligent in securing their devices, especially if the breach was foreseeable or preventable. Under current privacy laws, the agency or organization that is storing user data is responsible for data breaches and will pay any fines or damages that are the result of legal action. 

How can I prove that my medical data was breached?

Evidence of a medical data breach may include records of unauthorized access, data breach notifications, and forensic analysis of affected devices or systems.

It is your lawyer’s job to investigate, document, and compile the evidence for your case — not yours. We have the resources to enlist cybersecurity experts to assist in gathering and interpreting this evidence. Contact The Lyon Firm at (513) 381-2333 for proven, professional help right away.

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Filing Class Action lawsuits is a complex and serious legal course and can carry monetary sanctions if proper legal course is not followed. The Lyon Firm is dedicated to assisting injured plaintiffs work toward a financial solution to assist in compensating for medical expenses or other damages sustained.

We work with law firms across the country to provide the most resources possible and to build your case into a valuable settlement. The current legal environment is favorable for consumers involved in data breach class actions, deceptive marketing lawsuits, TCPA telemarketing claims, and financial negligence claims.