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Medical Device Lawyer investigates defective hip implant products for injured plaintiffs nationwide

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Stryker Meridian Injury Lawsuits

investigating defective hip replacement systems

Stryker Orthopedics has initiated recalls for a critical component found in numerous hip replacement systems across Australia and Canada, including the Stryker Meridian implant. These recalls have raised concerns in the United States among both medical professionals and patients, as the utilization of hip implants becomes increasingly common.

 Specifically, the Stryker LFIT V40 femoral head, utilized in Meridian hip replacement devices, has been recalled in other countries due to a substantial volume of complaints, ranging from minor inflammation to severe health issues caused by excessive metallic debris.

While patients have not yet been informed, medical experts have predicted a Stryker recall for hip implants in the U.S. will soon be announced. Some physicians and surgeons have already recieved recall letters. 

Joe Lyon and the associates at The Lyon Firms are highly rated Cincinnati attorneys who are experienced in product recalls and medical device claims. If you believe that you may have a claim, contact The Lyon Firm online. We are standing by to help you navigate your complex legal issue. 

Hip Replacement Injury Lawsuits

Lawsuits related to hip replacements typically revolve around claims of defective hip implant devices, medical malpractice, or product liability. Patients who have experienced complications, pain, or injuries due to hip replacement surgery may file lawsuits seeking compensation for their damages

In September 2016, Australian authorities identified seven distinct hip replacement models incorporating Stryker LFIT hip femoral heads. These devices featured head diameters spanning from 36 mm to 44 mm, which may potentially pose concerns for patients. The hazard alert encompasses an entire range of Stryker’s products sharing similar specifications. The impacted Stryker femoral heads are integrated into the following models:

Consult with an attorney who specializes in medical device litigation if you believe you have a valid claim related to a hip replacement surgery. The specifics of each case can vary widely, so legal advice tailored to your situation is crucial.

Stryker Meridian Hip Implant Injury

Recently disclosed information indicates a potential connection between Stryker LFIT femoral heads manufactured before 2011 and severe issues like catastrophic failure and metallosis.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has previously issued warnings, particularly for certain patient groups, including women, highlighting an increased risk of elevated device wear and adverse reactions to metal debris. When dealing with defective implants, patients may encounter a range of adverse side effects, including:

  • Reduced mobility and joint instability
  • Intense pain and Inflammation
  • Bone fractures and Implant displacement
  • Allergic responses to metallic debris
  • Infections
  • Formation of cysts or pseudo-tumors
  • Exposure to cobalt or chromium poisoning
  • Nerve damage

If you or someone you know has suffered an injury associated with a Stryker Meridian hip implant, it is advisable to consult with a legal professional can help you pursue your claim to the fullest extent possible under the law. Contact the associates at The Lyon Firm to learn more about hip implant lawsuits and how you may be able to bring a claim for damages. 

Hip Replacement Failure Lawsuits

Patients with a potential defective hip system should follow up with a health professional or implanting surgeon, particularly if they experience pain, loss of mobility, or instability.

The FDA approval process for new medical devices is remarkably lenient, and as a result many defective products like hip implants injure American consumers. Victims and attorneys are working to force medical device companies like Stryker to claim responsibility for the defective and unsafe products they market and distribute.

Damages for Hip Replacement Failure Lawsuits

Damages may be available to compensate for the physical, emotional, and financial harm or losses that individuals may experience as a result of a defective hip replacement implant or a surgical procedure gone wrong. Damages may include: 

  • Medical Expenses: Damages often involve the cost of medical treatments, hospital stays, revision surgeries, rehabilitation, and ongoing care required to address complications.
  • Lost Wages and Future Earnings: Patients may lose income and future earning potential if they are unable to work or require extended time off due to hip replacement issues.
  • Pain and Suffering: This category covers the physical and emotional pain and suffering experienced by the patient as a result of the hip replacement problems.
  • Reduced Quality of Life: Patients may experience a diminished quality of life, reduced mobility, and limitations in daily activities.
  • Physical Damage: This includes pain, discomfort, mobility limitations, infections, implant dislocation, bone fractures, and other physical injuries caused by a defective hip implant or surgical complications.

Individuals who suspect they have a faulty hip implant should promptly consult a healthcare provider or the surgeon who performed the implantation, especially if they encounter symptoms such as pain, decreased mobility, or instability.

The approval process for new medical devices by the FDA is notably permissive, leading to instances where defective products like hip implants can harm American consumers. Affected individuals and legal professionals are collaborating to hold medical device manufacturers like Stryker accountable for the distribution and marketing of these flawed and unsafe products.


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Defective medical device litigation helps to improve patient safety and holds medical device companies accountable when defective products injure plaintiffs and clients.


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Questions about Stryker Meridian Litigation

Can I File A Hip Failure Lawsuit?

In cases where patients suffer harm due to faulty medical devices, engaging the services of a medical device attorney may assist in seeking compensation for financial losses, medical costs, and other damages incurred through legal proceedings. When a medical device carries the risk of failure and subsequent injury, it is expected that companies take the initiative to voluntarily initiate a recall. What are the common issues associated with Stryker Meridian hip implants?

Common issues with the Stryker Meridian implant include implant failure, pain, inflammation, metallosis (metal poisoning), dislocation, bone fractures, and other adverse reactions. These complications may lead patients to seek legal action.

How do I know if I have a valid Stryker Meridian lawsuit?

If you have experienced complications or injuries related to a Stryker Meridian hip implant, it’s advisable to consult with an attorney specializing in medical device litigation. They can evaluate your case, determine its merits, and guide you through the legal process.

How do I know if my hip implant is failing? 

Knowing whether your hip implant is failing is crucial for your health and well-being. Hip implant failure can manifest through various symptoms and signs. If you have a hip implant and experience any of the following issues, you should consult your healthcare provider promptly if you are experiencing pain, swelling, reduced motion, or difficulty walking. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, your implant may be failing.

Are there time limits for filing a Stryker Meridian lawsuit?

Yes, there are statute of limitations that vary by state, which set time limits for filing a lawsuit. It’s crucial to consult with an attorney promptly to ensure your claim is filed within the appropriate timeframe.

Contact the attorneys at The Lyon Firm if you have any questions or believe that you may have a claim for a failing hip implant.

Your Right to Safety
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Defective products on the market present safety and health hazards for adults and children. Cheap and defective products may pose fire and burn risks; electrocution, strangulation and choking risks; and severe health risks. The manufacturers of consumer products have a duty to foresee potential injury and properly design and test products before they are released.

Companies must also properly warn consumers of any risks associated with their products. Any failure to protect consumers that results in accidents and injury can lead to lawsuits filed by plaintiffs and their Cincinnati product liability lawyer

Hip Injury Settlements

The Lyon Firm aggressively, professionally, and passionately advocates for injured individuals and families against companies due to a defective product or recalled product to obtain just compensation under the law.



Nationwide Consolidation in U.S. District Court, Northern District of Ohio. The Depuy ASR Hip design was plagued with problems related to premature loosening and metallosis, caused by chromium and cobalt entering the blood stream. The resulting injuries were a result of the metal-on-metal friction inherent with the design of the product. Depuy recalled the ASR and entered into a global settlement valued at $2.5 Billion to cover an estimated 8,000 patients. The Lyon Firm represented several clients in the original settlement and continues to be active in this litigation. The settlement funds provided compensation for the revision surgeries, including compensating for medical costs, lost wages, and pain and suffering.



Nationwide Consolidation in U.S District Court, Northern District of Indiana. Similar to the Depuy ASR, the Biomet metal-on-metal hip design allegedly contributed to premature hip failures and metallosis due to the metal friction. Biomet entered into a global settlement valued at $56 million to cover a few thousand claims. The Lyon Firm represented several plaintiffs in the original settlement and continues to be active in this litigation.