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The manufacturing industry and industrial sector is a long-standing staple in Ohio and other parts of the country. Workers in factories and warehouses, however, face more hazardous work environments than many other professions.

Factories and warehouses are known for heavy machinery, forklifts, large equipment, toxic chemicals and electrical components that can cause work injuries. Common Factory accident cases and warehouse injury may include:

Joe Lyon is an experienced Work Injury Attorney and Factory accident Lawyer reviewing industrial accidents, warehouse injury cases and filing personal injury lawsuits on behalf of plaintiffs nationwide.

Factory Accident Attorney

Factories and warehouses are often bustling workplaces with hundreds of workers hurrying around and often when overworked. Worker fatigue has been the primary cause of many factory accident cases.

Employers have a duty to recognize the hazards of issuing too much overtime in factory settings. Underemployed companies may think they save money on staff costs, but the cost could be in workplace safety factors.

Poorly maintained equipment may also lead to factory accidents and warehouse injuries. All tools, machines, fork trucks and work sites must be inspected regularly to ensure OSHA safety standards are in place, and a safe working environment protects workers.

Toxic factory chemicals can also pose safety risks to employees when a lack of proper warnings and a lack of training lead to chemical spills. Ventilation issues can also lead to toxic exposure injury in factories and warehouses.

The Lyon Firm has extensive experience in working with industry experts and handling cases involving a wide range of factory and warehouse accidents, including those resulting in catastrophic injury and wrongful death.

Warehouse Accident Lawsuits

Warehouses are manned by hundreds of thousands of Americans. But many are unaware of how many injuries occur on the job each year. There are many safety hazards due to heavy machinery and a fast-moving work environment.

Forklifts are frequently used in warehouses, and are a leading cause of injury in warehouse accident lawsuits. Employers must ensure that all employees operating forklifts are certified and also fully trained on that specific job site.

Slip and Fall Accidents are also common in warehouses where there can be slippery surfaces and loose materials. It is critical for supervisors to maintain a clear work area and to properly clean a work site multiple times a day. Poorly lit areas and areas with blind spots are particularly dangerous.

Fall Injuries can occur in warehouses where employees are suspended from a height trying to reach for something or repairing some equipment. Employers should have fall protection equipment in place.

After injuries on the job in a factory or warehouse position, workers have the right to consider taking legal action and seeking compensation. Employers may be liable for injuries and pay for medical costs, past and future wages and pain and suffering. Common injuries suffered in factory accidents and warehouse accidents may include:

  • Chemical Inhalation Injuries
  • Crush Injury
  • Amputation
  • Burn Injury
  • Degloving Injury
  • Electrical Injury

Amazon Warehouse Accidents

For many warehouse workers and employees at Amazon fulfillment centers, it is exciting to work for one of the biggest employers in the world. Workers expect much out of the company, though are sometimes left scrambling for compensation following accidents and injuries, or after employment disputes that result in wrongful termination or unfortunate employment situations.

Amazon has grown so fast that many American communities have relying on the company more than anticipated. There are now over 140 fulfillment centers, serving as distribution hubs, across the U.S. Amazon is the world’s most valuable retailer, and while its management is getting rich, employees are often left behind in the rush to more profitability.

Workplace incidents and often ignored, and employees may be forced to contact an Amazon accident lawyer to press the company for rightful compensation.

In April 2018, Amazon’s warehouses were listed on the National Council for Occupational Safety and Health’s “dirty dozen” list for most dangerous places to work in the U.S. The company’s massive number of orders has resulted in unsafe working conditions for many warehouse employees. Seven workers were killed at Amazon warehouses since 2013, including three workers within five weeks at three separate locations in 2017.

Amazon is no different than many other companies in the number of on the job injuries occurring each year. There are many cases of Amazon workers suffering workplace accidents or injuries in warehouses, and then left without proper recourse until they choose to seek legal counsel and hire an Amazon accident lawyer.

Warehouses that distribute vast numbers of consumer goods on a daily basis are very fast-paced and require the utmost safety and warehouse safeguards. However, Amazon may sometimes overlook workplace hazards and could be liable should worker get injured on the job, and require time off work and serious medical attention. Compensation may be recovered for incurred medical costs, lost wages, long-term disability and pain and suffering.

Factory Accident Lawyer

Workers’ compensation is designed to provide wage and medical benefits to workers who are injured on the job, but it may not be enough to sustain a plaintiff. Filing an additional personal injury lawsuit may necessary to reach the settlement you deserve.

Every good workplace accident law firm will tell you that each personal injury case is unique. The length of the case depends on the type of injury, the defendant, and the courts.

If you are too impatient in filing a lawsuit or decide to accept a company settlement, you may be regretting it in the future. Plaintiffs can file workplace injury claims in factory accident cases due to:

  • Unsafe work environments
  • Employer Negligence
  • Defective Equipment
  • OSHA safety violations


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Joseph Lyon has 17 years of experience representing individuals in complex litigation matters. He has represented individuals in every state against many of the largest companies in the world.

The Firm focuses on single-event civil cases and class actions involving corporate neglect & fraud, toxic exposure, product defects & recalls, medical malpractice, and invasion of privacy.


The Firm offers contingency fees, advancing all costs of the litigation, and accepting the full financial risk, allowing our clients full access to the legal system while reducing the financial stress while they focus on their healthcare and financial needs.

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Why are these cases important?

Serious injuries and accidents often result through no fault of the injured party, yet the injured victim suffers from life altering physical, mental and financial losses. Such economic and human losses can have devastating financial consequences on individuals and families if not properly compensated. Tort law allows those individuals to seek just legal recourse through personal injury lawsuits.


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Questions about Personal Injury Cases

What is a Personal Injury Lawsuit?

Any kind of negligence by an individual or company that causes injury or harm can lead to filing a personal injury lawsuit. The amount a plaintiff is entitled to depends on several factors, particularly how egregious the act and how serious the injury.

Personal injury attorneys generally only will take cases on a confidential and contingency fee basis, which means your lawyer will only get paid if he or she is able to reach a settlement or positive verdict. The Lyon Firm will review your case for free and assess what compensation any plaintiff can expect through litigation.

Personal Injury cases can range from minor auto accidents to complex lawsuits filed against large corporations. The Lyon Firm has handled both with equal care. Severe injury requires legal action on occasion, no matter if the injury is the result of a vehicle accident, a dog bite, a boating accident, workplace injury, defective consumer products, medical malpractice, or toxic exposure.

What is the Process?

Pre-Suit Investigation and Negotiations: Personal injury lawsuits are unique and require a thorough investigation before a lawsuit is filed. An initial investigation involves gathering all relevant medical records, accident reports, and interviews with available witnesses.  Preservation letters are drafted to notify the defendant of the case. The duty to preserve electronic evidence is critical in most cases to prevent spoliation.

Filing a Lawsuit in Cincinnati: If pre-suit negotiations are unsuccessful, then a lawsuit must be filed to preserve the statute of limitations.  Filing a lawsuit early in the process is often necessary to begin gathering evidence while the witnesses memories are fresh and documents remain available.

Once suit is filed by your personal injury lawyer, the court will set a case management schedule and the parties will begin exchanging information in the formal process of discovery. Depositions will be taken to preserve testimony for trial and to understand what certain witnesses are likely to say at trial.

Proving Negligence, Causation and Damages: In addition to lay witness testimony and other documentary evidence, personal injury claims rely upon medical and scientific evidence to prove negligence, causation and damages. The chosen expert in a case must have a reliable and sound basis in science and in the facts of the case or his opinion may not be admissible under the rules of evidence.

In the areas of Toxic and Environmental Torts, the admission of expert testimony may be scrutinized harder than in other areas simply because the subject may not have been as widely tested and may rest on novel scientific theories.

Are there any limits to what I can recover?

Each state will vary. Under Ohio law, an injured party may recover damages related to medical expenses, lost wages, property damage, loss of enjoyment of life, past pain and suffering, future pain and suffering, and punitive damages. The numerical limits are as such:

  1. Non-Catastrophic Injury:   The non-economic award is limited to $250,000 per plaintiff, or three times the economic loss, up to $350,000 per plaintiff. A maximum of $500,000 for each “occurrence.”
  2. Catastrophic Injury: No limits.

The Lyon Firm may be able to file injury claims and recover rightful compensation for clients for medical expenses, pain and suffering, lost earnings and long-term disability.

Why should I hire The Lyon Firm?

Our Firm will help you find the answers.  The Firm has the experience, resources and dedication to take on difficult and emotional cases and help our clients obtain the justice for the wrong they have suffered. 

Experience:  Joe Lyon is an experienced Cincinnati Personal Injury Lawyer. The Lyon Firm has 17 years of experience and success representing individuals and plaintiffs in all fifty states, and in a variety of complex civil litigation matters.   Personal Injury lawsuits can be complex and require industry experts to determine the root cause of an accident or injury.  Mr. Lyon has worked with experts nationwide to assist individuals understand why an injury occurred and what can be done to improve their lives in the future. Some cases may go to a jury trial, though many others can be settled out of court.

Resources/Dedication: Mr. Lyon has worked with experts in the fields of accident reconstruction, biomechanics, epidemiology, metallurgy, pharmacology, toxicology, human factors, workplace safety, life care planning, economics, and virtually every medical discipline in successfully representing Plaintiffs across numerous areas of law. The Lyon Firm is dedicated to building the strongest cases possible for clients and their critical interests.

Results:  Mr. Lyon has obtained numerous seven and six figure results.