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Diesel Exhaust Exposure

Railroad Cancer Lawyer With Nationwide Success
Freight train on tracks with diesel exhaust

Railroad Cancer Lawyers

Investigating occupational toxic exposures and diesel exhaust cancer claims on behalf of Amtrak workers nationwide

Numerous Amtrak employees across the nation have been exposed to diesel smoke, welding fumes, silica, asbestos, creosote and other industrial toxins, resulting in related cancer cases and occupational lung diseases

The Lyon Firm is representing Amtrak employees at Chicago Union Station who may have been exposed to diesel exhaust and later developed an illness. Many former workers have been exposed to diesel smoke, asbestos, solvents, welding fumes, silica, and creosote, leading to long-term health issues. 

Frequent diesel exhaust exposures at Chicago Union Station and other Amtrak centers has taken its toll on many workers around the country. After years of toxic exposure, employees have suffered from a range of lung conditions and various cancers. 

Former workers who now suffer from an occupational cancer may be eligible to file a personal injury claim and can seek compensation for their losses. Contact a toxic exposure lawyer at (513) 381-2333 to begin reviewing railroad injury claims.

What Do Railroad Cancer Claims Cover?

Each claim is unique and much will depend on your personal experience and current situation. However, in the past damages in a railroad cancer lawsuit may cover several significant costs that you may be struggling to cope with. These covered expenses can include:

  • Major medical bills, including the cost of medication, surgery, and ongoing treatments
  • Medical bills that will not be covered by your health insurance
  • Future physical therapy and rehabilitation
  • Lost wages if you have not been able to work due to an occupational illness or injury
  • Loss of future earnings if your current condition precludes you from working in the same capacity as before the stated illness or injury
  • Pain and suffering 
  • Emotional distress
  • Loss of companionship (in cases of wrongful death)
  • Reduced quality of life
  • FELA compensation

Your settlement will depend on several factors, including the severity of your injury or illness. Due to the complex nature of these cases, it’s important to hire an attorney who has proven experience handling railroad cancer and industrial toxic exposure claims.


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Joseph Lyon has 17 years of experience representing individuals in complex litigation matters. He has represented individuals in every state against many of the largest companies in the world.

The Firm focuses on single-event civil cases and class actions involving corporate neglect & fraud, toxic exposure, product defects & recalls, medical malpractice, and invasion of privacy.


The Firm offers contingency fees, advancing all costs of the litigation, and accepting the full financial risk, allowing our clients full access to the legal system while reducing the financial stress while they focus on their healthcare and financial needs.

Which Cancers are Linked to Amtrak Diesel Exposure?

There are a number of cancers and illnesses associated with long-term diesel exhaust exposure. Diesel has been linked in studies to strokes, heart disease, as well as throat, stomach, kidney, pancreatic, and leukemia. Some blood cancers, may be directly caused by toxic exposure to benzene, a component of diesel exhaust.

If you or a loved one worked for a railroad company and have developed cancer after years of diesel exhaust inhalation, you may have a viable claim. The following are documented conditions that have befallen Chicago Union Station employees:

  • Lung Cancer
  • Bladder Cancer
  • Esophageal Cancer
  • Stomach Cancer
  • Kidney Cancer
  • Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML)
  • Myelodysplastic Syndrome (MDS)
  • Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia (CLL)
  • Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma
  • Multiple Myeloma
  • Aplastic Anemia
  • RADS (Reactive Airways Dysfunction Syndrome)
  • Interstitial Lung Disease
  • Pulmonary Fibrosis 

After a serious lung illness or cancer diagnosis, Chicago Union Station employees may be entitled to compensation under the Federal Employers Liability Act (FELA). Workers’ compensation may also be considered. Those impacted by occupational toxins should contact a railroad cancer attorney at (513) 381-2333.

Railroad companies liked Amtrak, and management at a number of rail stations, failed to provide a safe workplace for staff, and may have been negligent in providing and maintaining proper safety equipment. Employers may be held liable for their negligence. 

Which Union Station Workers Are at Risk?


Amtrak employees like machinists, pipefitters, and electricians have typically been exposed to a significant amount of diesel exhaust, asbestos, and welding fumes. Rail shop staffers have likely been exposed to dozens of industrial toxins in solvents, degreasers, lubricants, and diesel.


Ideally, diesel exhaust remains outside the cabs of Amtrak locomotives, but in reality that is not always the case. 

Families of Union Station workers can describe the unmistakable odor of diesel exhaust that workers tote back home on their person


Union Station employees who maintained and constructed tracks and yards were also exposed to diesel exhaust as they worked closely with locomotives and track equipment. Poorly ventilated working conditions, combined with the presence of diesel-powered engines, created a perfect storm for diesel exposure cancers.


The mechanics who maintain and repair Amtrak locomotives and rail cars can be heavily exposed to diesel exhaust. Diesel mechanics often work in poorly ventilated roundhouses.

Why Hire The Lyon Firm?

Attorneys at The Lyon Firm will help you find answers to tough questions and seek rightful compensation. Our firm has the experience, resources, and dedication to represent you in a complex railroad cancer claim. We aim to help our clients obtain a quick settlement and justice for the wrong they have suffered.

Experience: Joe Lyon is an experienced Toxic Exposure Lawyer. The Lyon Firm has 20 years of experience and success representing individuals and plaintiffs in all fifty states, and in a variety of complex civil litigation matters.

Industrial toxic exposure lawsuits can be complex and require industry experts to determine the root cause of a related illness. Mr. Lyon has worked with medical experts nationwide to help individuals understand why an occupational injury occurred and what can be done to ensure a better future. 

Resources/Dedication: Mr. Lyon has worked with experts in the fields of accident reconstruction, biomechanics, epidemiology, metallurgy, pharmacology, toxicology, human factors, workplace safety, life care planning, economics, and virtually every medical discipline in successfully representing victims and plaintiffs.

Results: Mr. Lyon has obtained numerous seven and six-figure results. View our Case Results page to learn more about the types of toxic tort cases our firm has handled. 

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A Voice for Those who have suffered

Why File a Work Injury Claim?

When an employee is brave enough to come forward and file a claim against a past employer, it not only clears the way for similar cases, but allows a worker to know there is legal recourse and justice. After years of hard work, any negligent employer has a duty to take care of workers who fall ill under their watch. 

Compensation is critical to moving on and living a reasonably comfortable life after an occupational illness takes away so much. Protect your household finances, and seek the best health care possible with the settlement you deserve. 

Beyond the monetary benefits, our clients have expressed a huge relief when they file a lawsuit and choose to hold a negligent employer accountable for an injury or an illness. 


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Your Right to Justice

Filing Occupational Cancer Lawsuits

Many of my clients come to me in the lowest moments of their lives. They’ve suffered from an illness or an injury, they’ve lost a family member, their health and financial situation has deteriorated. These are serious losses that they think they may not be able to overcome.

It’s a fear of the future and uncertainty that has driven them to come to a lawyer, and to ask, “What available legal rights are there?” in order to add some security for their future. The Lyon Firm takes the lead and guides these clients through the process of filing workplace injury lawsuits. You have options, and we are willing to discuss them in a free consultation.