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The Lyon Firm Files Big Buddy Propane Space Heater Lawsuit

The Lyon Firm has filed a product liability lawsuit on behalf of a plaintiff who suffered serious burns as a result of a malfunctioning Big Buddy heater. Defective space heaters are continually brought to market, posing a serious safety hazard for American consumers.

In January of 2020, the plaintiff suffered severe bums to his person and significant loss of personal property when a Mr. Heater Big Buddy portable propane heater malfunctioned and ignited a travel trailer on his property.

According to the complaint filed, the Big Buddy heater appeared to be off, despite the fact that he recalled turning the heater on. When the Plaintiff approached the space heater to turn it back on, flames shot out of the front of the Heater, burning the Plaintiff and igniting a portion of the Travel Trailer.

The man suffered serious burns on his back, chest, neck, arms and face, and his injuries and scarring are substantial and permanently disfiguring.

The burn injuries incurred hospital and other medical expenses and additional medical expenses will be incurred in the future.

The plaintiffs has lost wages and will lose additional wages in the future. He has and will continue to suffer physical and emotional pain and suffering, a reduced quality of life, and loss of enjoyment of life as a result of his injuries.

The Lyon Firm contends that the Big Buddy heater was defective in manufacture or construction, and deviated in a material way from design, specifications, formula, or performance standards from otherwise identical units manufactured to the same design specifications, formula, or performance standards. The Big Buddy heater was unsafe and unreasonably dangerous to consumers, particularly the injured plaintiff.


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