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Bricker Eckler TriHealth Data Breach Class Action Lawsuit Filed

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The Lyon Firm has filed a class action lawsuit against TriHealth, a domestic non-profit corporation headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio for its failure to protect clients’ personal identification information, sensitive financial information, and private medical information.

Bricker and Eckler, a law firm, was hired by TriHealth to perform legal work on its behalf and Bricker was provided access to the compromised Sensitive Information. Bricker’s computer network was compromised in a ransomware attack, in which Information was accessed and stolen. As a result, thousands of individuals are now at risk for identity theft, and are encouraged to closely monitor bank accounts and credit reports.

Bricker reportedly sent notification of the cyberattack in February 2021, regarding the data breach which occurred during a two week period in January.

Healthcare providers like TriHealth that collect and store their patients’ personal information have a duty to properly safeguard that information and ensure it remains private. The lawsuit alleges that not only did TriHealth fail to protect personal data, they did not disclose to its patients that it made unauthorized disclosure of patients’ Sensitive Information to its counsel, Bricker and Eckler.