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Waste Management Class Action Complaint Filed

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The Lyon Firm has filed a class action complaint against Waste Management after the company announced a data breach incident from January of this year. Waste Management sent out data breach notifications to their employees months after the security breach, indicating that certain individuals may have had their personal data compromised.

Waste Management has said some data may have been stolen, putting their employees at risk for future identity theft and potential fraudulent activity. When personal information is leaked or stolen from networks, it can be sold to threat actors who may seek to monetize the data in various manners.

The Lyon Firm believes companies have a duty to protect the sensitive personal data of their clients, and if they fail to adhere to cybersecurity standards and allow data theft incidents to occur, they may be held liable in class action data breach lawsuits.

The Lyon Firm has experience filing data breach and invasion of privacy complaints on behalf of plaintiffs nationwide. Joining existing class action claims can help ease the financial burden of a potential data theft fallout, and is one of the only ways to put pressure on companies who fail to safeguard consumer data.

Waste Management announced that the data theft in January may have compromised the names, Social Security Numbers, Dates of Birth, and Driver’s License Numbers. When this type of personal data is stolen and remains out in the open, individuals be vulnerable to serious identity theft actions. By filing a lawsuit, consumers can seek compensation, and hold the company responsible for their trouble accountable.

Please contact The Lyon Firm to discuss the current Waste Management Data Breach litigation, or to file different data privacy claims. Joe Lyon is available for free and confidential case reviews. We passionately fight on your behalf to gain just compensation.