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Honeywell International Data Breach Investigation | MOVEit

The Lyon Firm is working on some of the nation’s most sensitive data privacy cases, including the MOVEit transfer breach that impacted Honeywell International and hundreds of other organizations. Contact our lawyers to discuss joining a class action.

In June 2023, Honeywell International allegedly became aware that it was impacted by a vulnerability in the Progress MOVEit Transfer application. Honeywell uses this tool for some business operations, thus putting customer and employee data at risk.

After an investigation, Honeywell determined that a large amount of personal information was accessed by an unauthorized third party. The information accessed was apparently related to a Honeywell company pension plan.  The information involved may include names and social security numbers.

Honeywell explains in their data breach notification letters that they took “prompt steps” to mitigate the data theft incident, but we believe victims still need to be compensated for potential losses. After a data theft event, the risk of fraud and identity theft rises dramatically. Legal action can be taken if companies that store your personal data do not properly protect it.

After an incident like this occurs, it is critical to stay alert and watch for signs of fraud and identity theft. Data theft can result in personal information being sold and passed around Dark Web forums, placing you at risk. By taking legal action, you can recover compensation and hold the negligent party responsible for damages. Our team of privacy lawyers have experience representing plaintiffs in data breach litigation, and we take pride in reaching a fast and rightful settlement for you and your family.

If you have been contacted by Honeywell regarding this data security incident, contact a data breach lawyer to determine what steps you should be taking to protect yourself. You may be eligible to file a class action claim and hold your employer accountable.