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MassMutual Ascend Life Insurance Data Breach Investigation

The Lyon Firm is investigating data breach claims originating from PBI and the MOVEit transfer vulnerability, including those impacted at the MassMutual Ascend Life Insurance Company. Contact our data breach lawyers to discuss steps to take to protect yourself.

MassMutual Ascend Life Insurance Company (MMAscend), Annuity Investors Life Insurance Company (AILIC), and Manhattan National Life Insurance Company (MNL) recently notified authorities that the personal data of thousands of clients may have been compromised in the MOVEit software breach.

MassMutual Ascend was notified by one of its third-party vendors that customer data in their possession was subject to unauthorized access in connection with the security incident involving the MOVEit file transfer software.

Impacted individuals with MassMutual Ascend connections have begun receiving letters that provide official notice of the data security incident. The letters send to MMAscend customers show the letterhead of Penson Benefit Information (PBI), the vendor who was directly hit by the attack.

Who is PBI?

Pension Benefit Information is a third-party vendor that MassMutual Ascend uses to satisfy regulations that require life insurance and annuity companies to check customer data to determine whether death benefits are due under its policies and contracts. Mass Mutual also use PBI to identify deaths that would terminate life contingent annuity payout benefits.  PBI is used by many large insurance companies for these same services.

MassMutual Ascend is now working with PBI to ensure that impacted individuals receive credit monitoring and identity restoration services.

What is the MOVEit Application?

MOVEit Transfer manages file transfers that allows an organization to allegedly securely transfer files between parties.

What Personal Information was Leaked?

If you are the owner, annuitant, or insured under an annuity contract or life insurance policy issued or administered by MassMutual Ascend or its subsidiaries, you may be impacted. Affected individuals should receive a data breach notification letter from PBI. The personal information possible compromised includes name, social security number, date of birth, contract or policy number, and zip code.

Contact our privacy lawyers following the Ascend Insurance & PBI MOVEit breach to discuss legal action. We are currently working with plaintiffs nationwide on the PBI case and you may qualify to join an existing class action.