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San Andreas Regional Center Data Breach

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The San Andreas Regional Center in San Jose, California has begun sending out data breach notification letters to patients who may have had their personal information compromised. An alleged ransomware attack in July 2021 has been identified as the cause for the data breach, and on July 5th San Andreas networks and servers were impacted.

A data breach investigation concluded in August, and experts confirmed that the ransomware attack gained access to parts of the San Andreas network where patients’ protected health data was stored. Patient data was exfiltrated by the ransomware attack and now victims may be at risk of identity theft and financial fraud.

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San Andreas Data Breach Class Action Lawsuit

At the moment, San Andreas cannot determine whether any patient information was stolen or sold by the attackers, though in data breach events, that is always likely. San Andreas Regional Center has not identified any instances of data misuse.

San Andreas says their IT security policies are being updated, and additional cybersecurity safeguards are being implemented. Complimentary credit monitoring and identity theft protection services are being offered to affected victims, though attorneys believe those affected may deserve more compensation.

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