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T Mobile Data Breach

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No data breach incident is welcome news for impacted employees and consumers, but some can be worse than others. The more concerning security breaches involve sensitive personal data that has been stolen and sold to threat actors. That is reportedly what is happening with the T Mobile data breach, which has reportedly impacted over 50 million customers.

Hackers are claiming that they have obtained the data of millions of customers, and are threatening to sell this information on the dark web. The mobile network giant says stolen files include information from almost 8 million current T-Mobile accounts, and more than 50 million former or prospective customers.

T-Mobile Data Breach News

As reported by Motherboard, an individual or group on the dark web claims to have obtained millions of files from T-Mobile’s servers and is selling it on an underground forum. The data allegedly contains the following information:

  • Social Security numbers
  • Names
  • Security PINs
  • Physical addresses
  • Unique IMEI numbers
  • IMSI numbers
  • Driver license numbers
  • Dates of birth

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