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Product Recall Lawyer reviewing the Johnson & Johnson sunscreen recall for plaintiffs nationwide

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Product Recall Lawyer

reviewing the aveeno and neutrogena sunscreen recall and related cancer claims

Johnson & Johnson has issued a sunscreen recall that includes five popular sunscreens after they were found to have levels of benzene in them. Benzene is a known carcinogen, associated with an increased risk of certain cancers like leukemia.

The Johnson & Johnson recalled products are spray sunscreens, packaged in aerosol cans, which include:

  • Aveeno Protect + Refresh aerosol sunscreen
  • Neutrogena Beach Defense aerosol sunscreen
  • Neutrogena Cool Dry Sport aerosol sunscreen
  • Neutrogena Invisible Daily Defense aerosol sunscreen
  • Neutrogena Ultra Sheer aerosol sunscreen

The Lyon Firm is investigating cancer cases linked to the frequent use of toxic sunscreens. Joe Lyon engages corporations nationwide when their defective and dangerous products harm consumers. The Lyon Firm is currently involved in other litigation against Johnson & Johnson and several other multinational companies.

Sunscreen Recalled Due to Cancer Risks

After testing found benzene in the sunscreen products, Johnson & Johnson said consumers should stop using the sunscreens immediately. The company is having the dangerous products from shelves nationwide. JNJ released a statement that read: “While benzene is not an ingredient in any of our sunscreen products, it was detected in some samples of the impacted aerosol sunscreen finished products. We are investigating the cause of this issue, which is limited to certain aerosol sunscreen products.”

Small amounts of benzene were detected in dozens of popular sunscreens, according to recent reports. The chemical was found in 78 of almost 300 sprays and lotions tested, including products sold by Banana Boat and CVS, according to Valisure.


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Joseph Lyon has 17 years of experience representing individuals in complex litigation matters. He has represented individuals in every state against many of the largest companies in the world.

The Firm focuses on single-event civil cases and class actions involving corporate neglect & fraud, toxic exposure, product defects & recalls, medical malpractice, and invasion of privacy.


The Firm offers contingency fees, advancing all costs of the litigation, and accepting the full financial risk, allowing our clients full access to the legal system while reducing the financial stress while they focus on their healthcare and financial needs.

Benzene in Sunscreens

Benzene was detected in the following sunscreens in a test by Valisure:

  • Neutrogena® Beach Defense® aerosol
  • Neutrogena® Cool Dry Sport aerosol
  • Neutrogena® Invisible Daily™ defense aerosol
  • Neutrogena® Ultra Sheer® aerosol
  • Aveeno® Protect + Refresh aerosol
  • Banana Boat products
  • CVS Health
  • Sunbum
  • Raw Elements
  • TopCare  
  • Coppertone

If you have used any of the above products frequently for a year or longer and have been diagnosed with cancer (AML, NHL, or MDS), contact The Lyon Firm for a free case review.

Aerosol Sunscreen Health Hazards

According to some researchers, consumers should be wary of applying aerosol sunscreens due to volatile chemicals in the products. Individuals should avoid applying aerosol sunscreen in enclosed places in order to avoid inhaling concentrated doses.

The sunscreen recall is yet another legal hurdle for Johnson & Johnson, which has faced numerous claims of toxic products in recent years like their recalled baby powder.

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