Sex Trafficking Lawsuits & Jeffrey Epstein Child Abuse Litigation Review
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Sex Trafficking Lawsuits & Jeffrey Epstein Child Abuse Litigation Review

Ohio human trafficking attorney investigating sex abuse crimes and reviewing sex trafficking lawsuits and settlements for victims and plaintiffs nationwide

Jeffrey Epstein has been the subject of much talk regarding sex trafficking lawsuits and plea deals of late. This week the billionaire pleaded not guilty to charges of sex trafficking underage girls. The charges include one count of sex trafficking and one count of sex-trafficking conspiracy, both dating back to accusations from 2002-2005. The indictment says Epstein sexually exploited and abused dozens of minor girls.

The renewed charges arrive 11 years after Epstein made a plea deal, and avoided real prison time after he pleaded guilty to charges of soliciting and procuring a person under 18 for prostitution. Epstein went on to serve a 13-month jail sentence but was allowed to leave the grounds to work at his Palm Beach office. He also settled with dozens of his victims.

Now federal prosecutors have revisited the federal sex crimes and are focusing on sex trafficking accusations at his New York home. The new charges allege that Epstein ran a sex-trafficking operation that targeted underage girls. Human trafficking experts and sex trafficking lawsuits filed in recent years suggest this may be a high-profile case but is by no means a rare case. Sex trafficking in Ohio alone exists in more cities than most would like to believe.

Joe Lyon is an Ohio Human Trafficking Attorney and Labor Abuse Lawyer reviewing sex trafficking lawsuits and settlements for victims and plaintiffs nationwide.

Sexual Abuse & Ohio Sex Trafficking Lawsuits

Reports published by the University of Cincinnati indicate that more than 1,030 Ohio juveniles were the victims of human trafficking between 2014 and 2016, many of them for sexual purposes. Of the Ohio human trafficking victims, over 85 percent were involved in sex trafficking. Those at the highest risk of sexual exploitation include runaways, victims of child abuse, and drug users.

The statistics, according to the study, are “conservative,” and experts fear many more are victims without a voice or a chance to find a way out. Many child safety agencies are unable or unwilling to provide data for privacy concerns.

Police and safety experts say obtaining reliable data is essential to implementing effective anti-trafficking policies. Ohio has a number of initiatives that are aimed at addressing sex and labor trafficking, including the training for all state employees in a regulatory or inspection role, as well a 24/7 watch desk.

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